CNA Training In Michigan – Just The Facts

May 24, 2012

CNA Training In Michigan

It is an excellent time to be looking for CNA training in Michigan as nurses aides are in very high demand, and there always seems to be openings for jobs, which can equate to employment right out of the gate, instead of wasting hours of your life searching for employment.
You can get your Michigan nurse aide training done within as little as a few weeks, which the class schedule depends on how fast you want to learn, and can be earning a salary right out of school, which the median salary for Michigan CNA’s is about $27,000 a year where more experienced nursing aides earn well over $30,000. Now this might not seem like a whole lot, but considering you can start earning this in a matter of a few weeks as well as can provide you with the hand on training and experience needed to advance in your career like to an LPN or RN, it is a pretty good profession to get your feet wet in without having to spend years in college to find out if the healthcare profession is for you.

The first thing to do when looking for a CNA training course in Michigan is to make sure it is accredited, which this is a must when it comes time to take your certification testing. To make sure they are accredited, make sure they are accredited by the National League of Nursing Accredited Commission (NLNAC) and/or local and national boards that are recognized by the US Department of Education. You can also find out if a CNA training school in Michigan is accredited by contacting the states Nurse Aide Registry, which you can also find out about programs near you as well.

Where To Find CNA Training In The State Of Michigan

There are 65 different private and 45 public CNA (more…)

How To Complete Your CNA License Transfer

May 21, 2012

Transferring Your CNA License From Another State

CNA License Transfer

Before we getting into explaining to you how you complete a CNA license transfer, it should be known that it is possible that you may need to pass the CNA exam in the state that you are moving to in order to successfully complete the transfer, also known as reciprocity, as well as be legally allowed to work in the new state as a CNA.

1.)  But all in all, first step of the transfer process is you need to call your states nurse aide registry, where you will need to ask them to provide you with a license transfer application, which you will either be able to download the form online, or they will send you one in the mail. During the call it is important to ask them where they want you to send the application, which the options will be back to the registry or sending it out to your new states nurse aide registry.

2.)  The next step to do is get into contact with your new states nurse aide registry and ask them what their requirements are for transferring your certified nurse aide license. So once you are on the phone with them, you will be able to take note of all the requirements as well as give you a chance to tell them about your plans for wanting to transfer your CNA license to their state. During this time you can ask them about any other prerequisites needed to completed the process, some (more…)

CNA Certification – How To Get It & Overview

May 7, 2012

Becoming A CNA Through The Certification Process

CNA Certification

Getting your certified as a CNA in todays day and age can be one of the smartest choice you can make as far as getting and keeping employment goes as the medical feild really hasn’t been hit at all by the meltdown of the economy, which if anything the demand has increased for workers who have the prerequisites. Before we delve into the CNA certification topic and how to get your own, the first thing we want to communicate to you is the fact that having your certification is essentially an optional credential in some staates, which in these states some facilities allow individuals to work as a CNA without having done any real formal or accredited training.

But these states and facilities and few and far between and even if you find a place that allows this, your role as a CNA will be a lot more limited to the capacity of the different job tasks that your employer will permit you to do, and your salary will most likely be a good amount less than what it would have been compared to what it would be if you have your certified nursing assistant certification. You will also be considered to be hired first over one without credentials any day, so all in all it is obvious that getting certified as a CNA is the way to go in both the short run and the long run of your (more…)

Free CNA Training In NYC – Facilities & 4 Other Methods

May 1, 2012

How To Get Your CNA Training At No Cost

Free CNA training

There are various ways that you can get free CNA training in NYC meaning that you get to keep your money, I mean why not have someone else pay for it?! The first thing that you want to have though when looking for paid CNA training in NYC is the passion for helping people as having this will be evident to those you are looking to get funding from and they will be more inclined to help you out.

  1. The first methods that has worked out for many CNA’s in NYC is either calling or better yet visiting a health care agency that finds work opportunities for their clients that are CNA’s. This is one of the best methods known as in order to entice individuals to work for them, the will offer to pay for their CNA education which in exchange they agree to be a client with the agency. Now this even means that employment will come with the agreement, offering you to the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.
  2. No matter where you live in the Big Apple, another plan of action to get Free CNA training in New York City is by call hospitals and assisted living centers directly. These sort of facilities and locations can at times give you the opportunity to do your training through CNA courses that they hold, which are directly through them, which the CNA training class is given to individuals at no cost who agree to work for them and no one else after the training has finished.
  3. You can also submit a FAFSA which is a federal document that when submitted is reviewed by officials where they decide if you are eligible for federal grant money, which there are two federal programs through the FAFSA, both (more…)

The Real Certified Nursing Assistant Salary – What CNA’s Get Paid

April 23, 2012

How Much A CNA Earns

Earning a CNA salary is really that starting point of earning money in the medical and health care feild, where as the next step would be a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and then a Registered Nurse (RN). The good thing about the CNA salary is the fact that it is pretty much recession proof, creating great job security for working CNA’s or those who are looking to get their foot into the profession and be able to have what is needed to work in a matter or weeks to months as one doesn’t have to take much formal training to become a CNA. When it comes to general statistics of what the salary of a CNA is, the salary ranges anywhere from $25,000 to $34,000 a year, which the job can also offer the CNA different benefits as well.

Now there are a few major aspects that really affect what a CNA earns, things like;

  1. Entry level positions will earn less than those applying with experience.
  2. Where you live as the more populated and busy the city you work in then the good chance are you will earn more money than a less populated and quieter area and facility.
  3. Also, where you provide your work will provide you with different salary ranges, as for example the lowest certified nursing assistant salary is generally found in nursing homes whereas the largest salaries are paid out to CNA’s working in hospitals and especially more specialized areas like emergency rooms and intensive care among others. But then there is the fact that more rural hospitals can earn similiar salaries of those working in nursing homes in that are very (more…)

Nursing Assistant – Overview, Job Description & Training

April 16, 2012

What A CNA Is & What They Do

Nursing Assistant

You can work anywhere in the world as a certified nursing assistant as there is always a demand for care for the elderly as well as all other ages that are demanding assistance, providing one as with job security as well as the opportunity to make a difference in countless lives throughout the time that they are in the profession. But you should known that often times the words “nursing assistant” are used loosely as often times people are really talking about a CNA, which the main difference is that a nurse assistant is one who hasn’t passed a certification course and state wide exam, which some facilities will hire an individual without any credentials but will allow them only to do the basic of the basic when it comes to their job tasks. To gain more freedom as far as the amount your job entails goes, most people attain their CNA certification which will also allow them to earn more money and is often times demanded by employers and required by law to work in a healthcare facility.

A certified nurse aide is just that, one who assists nurses with tasks that they do not have time to do, which being that they can work anywhere a nurse works, that opens the opportunity to a wide variety of different work places that new certified nurse assistants can work at, some of which include; nursing homes, different areas of hospitals that can range from pediatrics to intensive care, elderly care homes and in the homes of patients also known as a home (more…)

CNA Training Online – Admission Requirements & Accredited Courses Information

April 10, 2012

Doing Online CNA Training To Get Certified

CNA Training Online

Doing CNA training online, also known as distance CNA learning, can provide you with the opportunity to fit your training around your work and personal schedule, allowing you to set the times that you want to do your studying instead of being forced to attend school at a certain time. This can appeal to all the parents out there as well as those who have just a busy schedule in general, not to mention those who want to save money as taking a online course will allow you to do all of your studying at home, saving you money on what you would have spent for gas to get you to and from school. These classes also provide students with the chance to really learn at their own pace, whether that be faster or slower, instead of being forced to learn at the pace that is set by the teacher, and one can even study into the wee hours of the night as these classes are offered to the students 24/7.

These classes generally required a full time committment where you can complete the entire course in as little as 3 to 5 weeks, allowing you to be prepared for your states CNA exam very quickly which will in turn allowing you to start working as a CNA before you know it. As far as how the timeframe of the course, online CNA programs run anywhere from 75 to 120 hours, the minimum requirement for the total hours is actually dictated by the rules set by (more…)

CNA Courses In Michigan – Overview & Accredited Training

April 4, 2012

Training To Be A CNA

CNA Courses In Michigan

The first thing you want to keep in mind when searching for CNA courses in Michgan is whether or not the course is accredited by the state of Michigan, which an accredited courses will better prepare you for giving you the greatest chances possible for passing Michigan CNA exam. Although, for those of you who have extensive knowledge in the CNA profession, you should know that you are aloud to challege Michigan CNA competency evaluation without having done your CNA training through an accredited course, which if you pass then you become a CNA but if you fail 3 consecutive times then you msut take an accredited CNA course in Michigan. Courses will consist of a minimum of 75 hours of cumulative training.

Where To Find CNA Classes In Michigan

CNA courses in Michigan can be found all over the state, which the major places that they are found are at Red Cross branches, community colleges and through hospitals and elderly care facilities, all of which last anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks of both in class training and training in a clinical setting. All of these courses that offer CNA training in Michigan will prepare their students for the CNA exam is where they will have to pass a written test that consists of around 75 multiple choice questions along with a clincal test or three to five patient skills questions that need to be acted out properly.

But when it comes to doing your CNA courses in Michigan, the (more…)

Certified Nursing Assistant Training In Michigan – Curriculum & Accredited Course Information

March 27, 2012

Certified Nursing Assistant Training In Michigan

Certified Nursing Assistant

Completing a CNA training in Michigan course will allow you to really put yourself in a good place as far as demand goes as the CNA profession is one of the top professions in demand right now, offering people the chance to earn a living within 3 to 8 weeks of schooling and be able apply in a job market where your craft is needed direly. There are so many great schools offering certified nursing assistant training in Michigan that you can get accredited CNA training through and allow you to start your career as a CNA, which you can work a job as a certified nurse aide anywhere that CNA’s are needed which are anywhere where there are nurses employed. This gives one a variety of options when apply for jobs, which can range anwhere from working in a nursing home to being a home health aide where you work in a clients home.

What Is Taught In CNA Classes In Michigan?

When it all comes down to it, the curriculum that is taught in courses offering certified nursing assistant training in Michigan all has to do with preparing you to assume the role as a CNA which essentially consists of assisting patients with daily life activities which they either need help with or are unable to do by theirselves anymore. Now this is a basic overlook, but a more specific description of what is taught can consist of things like (more…)

Certified Nursing Assistant Programs In Michigan – Where To Find Accredited Courses

March 21, 2012

Finding A School To Do Your CNA Training At

Nursing Assistant Programs

When looking for CNA schools in Michigan, there are various different avenues you can take to finding a course to do your CNA training through which only last anwhere from 2 to 8 weeks of full time study, which afterwards you will have the knowledge to pass the CNA competency exam and be able become a CNA in Michigan, earning anywhere from $22,000 to $30,000 or more per year. Your CNA course in Michigan will be taught by a registered nurse who will teach both out of a book in a classroom and a skills labratory where the teacher will teach you how to perform a myriad of different patient care skills. Below are all the different types of facilities that offer CNA programs in Michigan.

Community Colleges

There are over 10 different community colleges that offer certified nurse aide training in Michigan that are scattered all over the state. Classes are offered at the campus, which the main benefit of doing your training at a community college is the fact that tuition is usually offered at a lower price that what is found in other specific training facilities. If you are interested in doing your training and one of the accredited community colleges, visit the following link as we have compiled as list of the all the community colleges as well as their admission requirements: CNA programs in Michigan.

Nursing Homes – Long Term Care Facilities – Hospitals

You can also find CNA training in Michigan through the 3 types of facilities above. Now their CNA schools aren’t offered at the location, they are held at an entirely different location nearby. Now the way to find out if there are any classes being held be these types of healthcare facilities is to call them and ask them. It should be known that if they tell you they don’t offer any courses, then the best thing to do is ask them if they known of any courses in the area, as you may be able to get a referral to an accredited  program.

Vocational Schools

There are also certified nursing asssitant programs in Michigan offered at vocational schools, which are schools that focus on providing people with specialized training in a variety of trades. This option can suffice, but are harder to find training through compared to the method above.

 Finding Accredited CNA Training Programs In Michigan

Now when looking for certified nursing assistant courses in Michigan, the main word being “certified” you want to make sure these programs are accredited by the state of Michigan which will allow you to become a certified nursing assistant instead of just a nursing assistant, which will allow you more freedom to do more on the job as well as the potential for higher pay. Now the best way to find certified nursing assistant programs in Michigan is to contact Michigan’s CNA registry as they can give you the most information on all the different accredited courses in your immediate area, as well as advise you on getting financial aid for your training.