Free CNA Classes In Michigan – Exactly How To Get Them

February 16, 2012

Free CNA Classes In Michigan

Free CNA Classes In Michigan

If you are looking for free CNA classes in Michgan, there are multiple methods that you can utilize that has resulted in free CNA training in Michigan in the passed for CNA’s that are working now. By obtaining free training, your will save hundreds or even thousands and will obtain the credentials needed to go into the highly demanded CNA profession where the averate salary for a certified nursing asssitant in Michigan is around $29,000. These free CNA classes in Michigan will last a mininum of 75 hours which is a the minimum study hours requirement for CNA training in the state. Your class will include in class training that is taught by an RN or LVN, skills labratories along with going to a clinical setting and getting hands on training there. Below are the methods that you can use when looking for free CNA courses in Michigan.

How To Get Free CNA Classes In Michigan

  • Unemployed/Laid Off – First off, if you happen to be unemployed, you can get free CNA training in Michigan by either contacting a local unemployment agency, or Michigan’s Department of Human Serivces whom are both federally funded and will do all that is possible to provided financial means for training if the individual is willing to apply themselves but cannot do so because they do not have the money.
  • MichiganWorks – MichiganWorks is another state funded program that is affiliated with the “No Worker Left Behind” program which offers eligible applicants the opportunity to get up to $5,000 a year for two years that can be applied towards their tution costs and other school related costs. In order to qualify for this program you must either have a family income that is less than $40,000 a year, or be unemployed or about go be laid off. The quickest way to get started with this free Michigan CNA training resource is to contact your local MichiganWorks office.
  • Another great method that you can try is by contacting nursing homes, long term care facilities and hospitals that are near where you live and asking them if they offer free training, as many of these types of facilities hold classes outside their facility in which they offer either scholarships or free training to those who agree to work for them when their are done with their nurse aide training.
  • Grants – There are also federal and private grants, which you can either talk to a financial advisor at one of the local community colleges in Michigan and/or fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which allows you to apply for various federal grant programs. Speaking of community colleges, you can get discounted or free training at these places if you fit certain income brackets or personal situations like being a single parent, unemployed, etc, which community colleges just happen to offer some of the cheapest CNA training around. To learn about the accredited CNA programs in Michigan as well as their admission requirements, you can visit the following link: Free CNA Classes In Michigan.
  • If you aren’t able to find free CNA classes in Michigan then the best thing to do is save your receipt, the one that is given to you when your purchases your CNA training and save it, which when you attain a job as a certified nurse assistant you can present it to your employer and ask them if they reimburse tuition costs.
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