All About The Prometric CNA Michigan Exam And Contact Information

December 26, 2011

All About Prometric

Prometric CNA Michigan

The Prometric Michgan CNA exam is for the sole purpose to providing aspiring CNA’s with certification tests, as the Bureau of Health Professions has made a contract that designates Prometric as the main provider of comptency evaulation tests in the state. Passing the Prometric Michigan nurse aide test will allow you to start applying for jobs as a certified nursings assistant anywhere in the state of Michigan, and most importantly enable you to be registered in Michigans CNA registry which is what it takes to stay employed. After you have completed an accredited CNA training course you will have to register to take the Prometric certification, which after your have registered you will be mailed an Autorization to Test (ATT) form notifying you of the specific testing location will be provided to you which are Prometric “regional test sites” as well as how to schedule your test. Depending on where you live it will be in one of the following cities:

  • Warren
  • Flint
  • Saint Joseph
  • Dearborn
  • Petoskey
  • Ann Arbor
  • Battle Creek
  • Dowagiac
  • Mt. Pleasant
  • Traverse City
  • Jackson
  • Saginaw
  • Escanaba
  • Detroit
  • Lansing
  • Holland
  • Scottville
  • Escanaba
  • Grand Rapids
  • Marysville

Prometric Michigan CNA Test Registration

If you are employed than your employer will most likely make arrangements for you to take the Prometric Michigan nurse aide test, if you aren’t employed you will need to mail one of the following:

  • Michigan Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation Regsitration form, which you can download this form and print it by visiting this like: Prometric CNA Michigan, or have a training exemption which has been issused to you by LARA, which you will need to mail in the provided document.

You will also need to provide a couple of things one test day, which you must have them all or you will not be allowed to take the test as well as charged with a $25 rescheduling fee.

  • Two forms of picture ID’s that are signed with your signature.
  • A valid social security number.
  • Your Authorization to Test letter which must be the original form, not photocopied.
  • You must also have two checks which one is to pay for your testing fees and the other to pay for administration fees.


Prometric suggested that you show up to your test at least 30 minutes in advance. It should be known that you have one year to take your Prometric certification test. If you happen to pass both sections of the certification test, you will be notified that day, which official certification will be sent to your address within 14 around days.

For those who do not pass their first time, they will get another ATT letter to their home address which will allow them to reschedule their test once agian, which they will not have to pay for resistration and administration fees again. One gets a maximum of 3 attempts to pass both portions of the test, which if it happens that they do not they will be required to retake a certified training program once again before taking the test again. If you happen to need to contact the Prometric facility, you can do so by mail or by phone through the resources below:

1260 Energy Lane
St. Paul, MN 55108

By Phone: 1-800-752-4724


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2 thoughts on “All About The Prometric CNA Michigan Exam And Contact Information

  1. John Cibulas on said:

    I have two grandsons that will be attending the St.Clair County TEC next year in 11th grade for CNA training. I would like to know if there is any free online classes I could take to help them in their studies. Or are there any books I can buy to do the same.

    Thank You

    • Hey John thank you for the inquiry. There are programs called Regional Occupation Programs that offer funding for various different professions, CNA being one of them where they offer career preperation. The best thing to do is to get in contact with your local ROP, whom can give you information on providing your grandsons with free CNA training which may be offered in the form of online training. ROP is generally set up for providing free training for schooling

      Depending on when you are looking to take your CNA course, you can look into filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which offers not only federal loan funds but grant programs like the Pell Grant which can offer you up to $5660 each year you are doing your schooling, which would be plenty based on the fact that CNA programs usually cost up to $1000. You can also check out other methods that can be utilized to get free cna training, which we have written about here:

      If you do your training online, remember that you will get your classroom education, but have to do you clinicals somewhere else.

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