Red Cross CNA Training In Michigan

December 23, 2011

Doing Your CNA Training Through The Red Cross

CNA training in Michigan

CNA training in Michigan is is offered by the Red Cross in the city of Detroit, which the location is called the Southeastern Michigan Red Cross Chapter. Doing your CNA training through the Red Cross allows one to attain their nurse aide knowledge through one of the most prestigious organizations offering training for the profession, enabling you to receive an excellent education as well as have a very reputable name on your application which employers love. The actual Michigan Red Cross Chapter was established in 1905 and have been in business since, offering medical training, taking blood from doners, assisting in disaster relief all over the country and much more. The Red Cross has been offereing CNA training in Michigan for some time now, which they offer training on location which classes last anywhere from 65 – 120 hours generally, which being that the training hours requirement for the state of Michigan is 75, classes will be at least 75 hours which will consist of both classroom teaching as well as learning in a clinical setting.

It should be known that there are 4 total Red Cross chapters in Michigan those being in Monroe County, Washtenaw County as well as St. Clair County as well as the Detroit location, but only the Detroit chapter offers Red Cross CNA training in Michigan.

Red Cross Training Curriculum

As far as what you will be learning in a Michigan Red Cross CNA training course, you will be learning all the knowledge you need that will enable you to become a CNA as well as be sucessful on the job, which this is done by the teacher who is a Registered Nurse (RN) teaching all the latest theories of the profession as well is a text book which is included in the cost of tuition. Below is a general overview of the topics that are included in the curriculum.

  • Terminology used in the medical feild.
  • Tesing vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate respiration and more.
  • Providing care in different types of healthcare facilities.
  • The CNA respsonsibilities and role they play.
  • How to communicate with patients verbally and non verbally.
  • Assiting patients with exercises, maintaining good hygiene as well as safe and proper ways to move and position or reposition patients without hurting the patient or themselves.
  • Patient sensitivity.
  • How to assistant patients that are experiencing pain.
  • Developing better communication skills.
  • Anatomy & physiology.

Besides leaning the skills necessary to experience success in the profession, you will also learn skills that will help you land your first CNA job and more, that can used for the rest of your working career, which will include:

  • How to write a solid resume.
  • Techiques to use in your interview.
  • How to find balance in all areas of your life.
  • Searching and applying for jobs.
  • Exploring profession higher than the CNA feild as well as higher education.

Admission Requirements For Red Cross CNA Courses In Michigan

In order to get into a Red Cross CNA course in Michigan, you must meet certain requirements which are right below:

  • A Criminal Record Background Check (CORI) which is free for students.
  • Have a high school education or GED.
  • Take a written assesment test to make sure students are capable of basic skills in Math and English.
  • A negative Tuberculosis (TB) test.

If you are interested enrolling in a Red Cross CNA training  course, you can contact them to find out schedule information and another other questions you have regarding their services at: (313) 270 – 4550.




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